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While working with Rockelle’s resume writing services, I was able to not only obtain an excellent & professional resume. I had multiple offers at the same time, where I had the opportunity to choose the company that was best suited to my needs and lifestyle. I highly recommend Rockelle’s resume writing services.

Layla Z.

The first time Rockelle revised my resume was almost 13 years ago. I was a teacher at the time and had aspirations to make a bigger impact (and make more money!). After her first revision, I doubled my salary! Literally!
The next time she revised it (about 5 years later), I broke six-figures. I haven’t looked back since. I am back in the classroom with the skills, experience, and salary I deserve thanks to my ongoing work with Rockelle.
We’re on our 3rd revision.  I’ve applied to new jobs and having an updated Rockelle Morris resume has allowed me to apply for highly competitive jobs with ease and confidence. 
I highly recommend this investment.
After attending several workshops and training sessions on resume writing, nothing has compared to the impressive resumes I have consistently received from Rockelle for the past decade+!

Ainye E.

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