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Advance your career by looking for mentors in unfamiliar circles.

I look back at my career in IT, tech sales, and nonprofit leadership and can truly appreciate the wealth of knowledge I received directly and indirectly from colleagues, supervisors, and friends. Because I worked in white male dominated fields, I had the opportunity to meet people in unfamiliar circles. I believe that these interactions prepared me to be an entrepreneur and lead my own organization. My advice to women who are struggling to find their voice and purpose, who are being overlooked at work, and who are looking to make a change in their lives is to find mentors in unfamiliar circles. Move outside of your community and safe space and put yourself out there. Attend a mixer even if you must attend alone, reach out to someone in a different department and invite them to lunch, and don’t be afraid to lead conversations at work. I know it can be intimidating when all eyes are on you but smile BIG inside and out because you have something powerful to say.

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