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What is the ESA Model™?

Learn more about the ESA Model, an evidence-based, personal growth model, developed by The Flentroy Morris Group helps underrepresented groups overcome imposter syndrome, speak authentically, lead with purpose, and reach their highest potential.

30+ Years of combined experience in
Research, Technology Sales, Nonprofit Leadership,
Social Work, and Health & Wellness.

Rockelle Morris, the Founder & CEO is a certified Career Coach and Talent Optimization Consultant. She has an MBA from Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC. Mrs. Morris has over 20+ years in IT, Sales, and Nonprofit Leadership. She is inspired by empowering women to discover their true calling and accomplish their wildest dreams.

Shakila L. Flentroy, Ph.D., is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer with 15+ years of experience in Social Work, Research, Teaching, Program Development, and Health & Wellness. Her research focuses on health disparities in the black community with an emphasis on black women’s health. As a certified Health & Wellness coach, Dr. Flentroy has developed prevention and health awareness programs for women. Dr. Flentroy has a Master’s in Social Work from Columbia University and Ph.D. from The Catholic University of America.

Strategic Vision

By finding their voice and purpose, we envision a world where women stop saying I'm sorry and start saying I'm unapologetically here. We strive to build a world where women in leadership is the norm.

Our Mission

To design programs that inspire people.

"What if we were transparent about our own failures, not as some kind of performative vulnerability, but as an invitation to collectively de-stigmatize the messy process of lifelong learning?"

- Rachael Alaia

Climb The Staircase to Prosperity.

*All ProspHER training sessions include optional follow-up group sessions

ESA Model™

One of six ProspHER tools and the foundational tool in ProspHER training.  E means to EMBRACE your struggles as struggles. S means to STRENGTHEN and A means to ACT.


We need to acknowledge mistakes and failures as an important part of our learning process. Your struggles serve a purpose. Everything you go through is not a mistake, it serves a purpose.


Everyone goes through struggles and disappointment. Turning your struggles into strengths means to change your thinking and move to a growth mindset. Once we strengthen our struggles they become phenomenal and no longer weigh us down or hold us back.


Without action behind them, goals are just words. Create goals that are attainable or bite-sized that support your path to climb the Staircase to Prosperity. Your SMART goals will guide you on your path to reach prosperity and what prosperity means to you.

Solutions and Partnerships That Inspire, Engage, and Retain Underrepresented Talent

  • Individuals and Groups
ProspHER is a 1-day or 2-day whole self learning experience delivered virtually or in person. The training includes two phases that equip women with the tools to navigate ongoing challenges to reach health & wellness, career advancement, and leadership development goals.
  • Workplace Development
Tailored virtual, in-person, or hybrid solutions to help organizations meet DEI goals, retain underrepresented talent, and boost employee morale.

Health & Wellness is More Than Just Physical: Gain a deeper understanding of the Seven Dimensions of Wellness. This 4-hour virtual or in-person workshop is based on the ESA model and takes you on a health and wellness journey to understand where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.


  • Discover strategies for a solid work-life balance.
  • Develop strategies for stress management.
  • Build sustainable Seven Dimensions of Wellness goals.
  • Find meaning and purpose in life.
  • Shift thinking around Health & Wellness.

Duration = 4 Hours
Cost = $399/person

Vision-Box Workshop is a 3-hour virtual or in-person workshop that allows you to tell your story authentically with your whole self, using photographs, archival documents, text, and hand-drawn images to represent the entirety of your layered lived experience. The process allows for reflection, tapping into your creativity, and tactile creation of your story—your past, present, and future. 


  • Embrace your past and present.
  • Tap into your creativity to imagine your future.
  • Create a visual reminder of who you are and where your intentions will take you.
  • Find meaning and purpose in life.

Duration = 3 Hours

Cost = $299/person 

Emerging Leadership Essentials is a virtual workshop that outlines the essentials of leadership. Leaders must make tough decisions, and sometimes they won’t have a lot of time to make decisions, so they must be quick on their feet, creative, collaborative, and influence others towards one goal. This workshop highlights the essential skills for emerging women leaders.


  • Take a leadership assessment to understand your leadership style.
  • Raise your profile at work and become a lifelong learner.
  • Shape your unique brand.
  • Learn how to build authentic relationships and expand your relationship capital.

Duration = 2 Hours

Cost = $199/person 

How to Speak Authentically in the Workplace. Have you ever been in a situation at work when you wish you would have spoken up for yourself or someone else? Being a leader whether you manage people or not, it’s essential to speak up for yourself and others. In this virtual workshop, we will walk through exercises on advocating for your mental health and well-being by using your authentic voice in the workplace.


  • Discover ways to tell your story in your authentic voice.
  • Learn strategies to mitigate conflict in the workplace.
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people.
  • Develop SMART goals on your journey to continue to use your authentic voice in all settings.

Duration = 2 Hours

Cost = $199/person 

Why Is It Important to Align Your Personal Mission to Your Company’s Vision? In this virtual workshop, you will learn about the impact of not knowing your purpose, draft a personal vision statement, and map your unique vision to your company’s mission.


  • Understand why it is essential to know your purpose. 
  • Create a purpose statement.
  • Develop short, mid, and long-term goals.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of strategic leadership.

Duration = 2 Hours

Cost = $199/person  

  • The ESA Model is an evidence-based, personal growth model with three clear phases: EMBRACE, STRENGTHEN, and ACT. The model unlocks the power of learning from the past (EMBRACE & STRENGTHEN) to build the future (ACT). The Flentroy Morris Group developed the ESA Model to help women, especially women of color and other underrepresented groups, overcome imposter syndrome, speak authentically, lead with purpose, and reach their highest potential.

  • Feasibility Report Consulting evaluates workplace programs to ensure alignment with company goals, measures Return on Investment (ROI), and assesses sustainability.

ProspHER® Testimonials

YUPRO-ProspHER Cohort, December 2023

Shannon H.
 I completed ProspHER Leadership Training for Black Women and it was phenomenal! This training fed my soul. After the training I felt invigorated to fulfill my purpose, thrive in all aspects of my life, all while defining and prioritizing my personal wellness journey. My life is forever changed because of Rockelle and Dr. Flentroy.

ProspHER® Cohort, June 2023
Kortne B.​
I will say the class & purpose box has been one of the things I refer to on my unmotivated days.

ProspHER® Cohort, June 2023
YUPRO Survey Respondent
It's empowering, and so helpful to learn yourself, improving yourself, shaping your goals, and putting action behind them. And that those goals can be circular, you may "arrive" then at some point start again.

ProspHER® Cohort, December 2023
YUPRO Survey Respondent
I would definitely share that most fears or concerns that people have are not rare feelings to have. The most important thing is to have a plan of action on how to combat those negative feelings. 

ProspHER® Cohort, December 2023
YUPRO Survey Respondent
I learned that I am not alone in some of the feelings experience and that I am capable of overcoming any insecurities with the proper plan and assistance. 

ProspHER® Cohort, December 2023
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ProspHER Black Women Cohort, June 2023

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