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ProspHER™ Training

Delivered through small, shared experience cohorts. ProspHER training provides the tools find your voice, discover your purpose, balance wellness, and create SMART goals to reach your professional and personal goals.

Workplace Development Solutions

Personal development solutions tailored for Black women, women of color, emerging women leaders, and new college graduates. The programs build soft-skills; leadership, communication, decision-making, and interpersonal skills and inspire women to step into the unknown and reach their highest potenial.

ESA Model

The Flentroy Morris Group ESA Model is a personal growth model that assists women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups with overcoming imposter syndrome, discovering their authentic voice, leading with purpose, and reaching their full potential.

Analytics and Research

We believe the best decisions are made when research is first priority, proper data is collected, and information is shared to avoid redundancy, confusion, and siloed solutions. Our assessments are delivered through research tailored to your organization and analytics that matter to you.

Pave It Forward

Be good to the women and underrepresented groups in your organization by doing good. For every workplace development solution delivered, we will provide free training to underrepresented high school and college students.

Health & Wellness Services

Based on the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, our goal is to assist our clients to lead more fulfilling lives through making healthy lifestyle changes and reaching their health and wellness goals.


Advancing Prosperity Through Health & Wellness, Career Advancement, and Leadership Development Training for Women


ProspHER™ is a career advancement, leadership development, and health & wellness program delivered through a shared experience cohort. The program creates a safe space where women feel inspired, heard, and appreciated. Sessions include using art-based activities to discover your authentic voice and find your purpose, individual and group activities to build your confidence in critical soft skills, and wellness exercises to create a whole self learning experience. Participants build ProspHER Tools to make strategic decisions and take immediate action to reach goals.

ProspHER’s definition is the condition of being successful or thriving especially when you have embraced your struggles and turned your struggles into strengths. Once struggles are turned into strengths, they become phenomenal which allows you to put your phenomenal struggles into SMART goals and climb the Staircase to Prosperity.

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