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Create SMART Goals and Take Action!

Embracing your past struggles as strengths is to change your thinking and move to a growth mindset..

Everyone goes through struggles and disappointment. Embracing your phenomenal struggles as strengths means to change your thinking and move to a growth mindset. We need to recognize strengths, continue to develop our strengths, and use the challenge areas as places to grow.

Without action behind them, goals are just words. Create SMART goals that are attainable and guide you on your path to reach what prosperity means to you.

The ESA Model is an evidence-based, personal growth model that will help you overcome imposter syndrome, discover your authentic voice, lead with purpose, and reach your full potential. The Flentroy Morris Group developed the ESA Model to help women, especially women of color and other underrepresented groups, reach their highest potential. The model will guide you to building a growth mindset when challenges arise and will provide the tools to gain better clarity. You will either live to accomplish your dreams or someone else’s. Click the button to take the free ProspHER ESA Assessment. The Assessment will measure your desire to EMBRACE, STRENGTHEN, and ACT!





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Head over to the ProspHER page to learn more about this special learning experience. Learn why a participate said “I will say the class & purpose box has been one of the things I refer to on my unmotivated days”. and another said “it’s empowering, and so helpful to learn yourself, improving yourself, shaping your goals, and putting action behind them. And that those goals can be circular, you may “arrive” then at some point start again”.

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